The HVAC system in your DeSoto, Kansas, home contains a variety of parts. But when it comes to air quality, none is more important than the filter. Unfortunately, there are several air filter myths floating around that often cause homeowners to overlook this important HVAC component. Here are three common air filter myths debunked:

Air Filters Don’t Require Regular Changing

One of the biggest air filter myths is that they don’t need changing every three months. Some homeowners believe they’re being persuaded to purchase more often than needed. On the contrary, regularly changing your air filter is crucial if you want clean air. Air filters collect dust and dirt. If clogged, yours won’t clean your home’s air. Changing your filter at least every three months will ensure that it functions effectively.

Air Filters Only Trap Dust

Another common myth about HVAC air filters is that they’re only designed to collect dirt and dust but aren’t as effective with other contaminants. While this was true at one point, modern air filters can actually remove a variety of pollutants from the air in your home, including dander from your pets and certain types of bacteria that may affect your family’s health. As a result, they help to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

All Filters are the Same

The idea that all air filters are the same is one of the most damaging myths out there. In reality, air filters have different MERV ratings, which indicate the size of the particles they can capture and how much air can pass through. Filters with higher MERV ratings can filter smaller particles, but they may restrict airflow and impact HVAC performance. Ask your HVAC service technician for advice on the best filter for your system.

If you need help changing your filter, call Air-Pro Comfort Systems today at 913-521-8812. We’ll install your new filter so that the air in your home is as clean as you deserve.

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