Unless your home in Olathe, KS, has a good air filtration system, your family inhales all kinds of nasty things. These include gas molecules, bacteria, household dust, pet dander, bacterial growth, pollen, human hair and even rodent droppings. Here are the types of air purifiers that exist, how they work and how they can benefit you:

Types of Purifiers Available

Air purifiers can be portable, or they can be part of a home’s HVAC system. The free-standing models only clean the nearby air, while whole-home models clean all of a home’s air supply. Both can include smart technology for added convenience.

How Air Purifiers Work

Air purifiers pull air in, force the air through a filter and then force the filtered air out. They repeat the cycle, cleaning the air every time your HVAC system turns on.

Used in both portable and whole-home purifiers, HEPA filters remove 99.97% of air particles that are as small as 0.3 to 0.1 microns. Some purifiers use electrical attraction or negative ion generation filtration technology instead. Activated carbon or charcoal filters remove odors.

Whole-home air purification systems use many various types of state-of-the-art filters simultaneously. This even includes one filter that uses UV light.

Benefits of Purifiers

Polluted air aggravates symptoms in people who have asthma, inhalant allergies and chemical sensitivities. Over time, highly toxic pollutants can cause severe health problems.

Air purifiers clean your home’s air supply. Clean air relieves respiratory-related problems. Long-term use of an air purification system where highly toxic pollutants exist can prevent the development of some diseases. As a result, purifiers protect your health from harm and improve your quality of life.

Contaminated air exists everywhere. When you decide it’s time to have a whole-home air purification system installed in your home, contact us at Air-Pro Comfort Systems. We’re happy to help you breathe easier, sleep better and enjoy a healthier life.

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