When your heat pump in Stilwell, KS, isn’t working properly, it’s tempting to try to repair it yourself. Before getting started, consider these five dangers of attempting a DIY heat pump repair:

Risk of Injury

First, understand that your heat pump uses high amps to run the compressor. You could suffer a significant shock if you aren’t cautious when you discharge the system. This shock could be severe enough to cause your heart to stop, so this danger is very concerning.

Increased Repair Costs

It’s important to follow certain procedures when repairing your heat pump. If you aren’t trained in these procedures, you may do things out of order, increasing the risk of additional damage.

Furthermore, some parts are very sensitive, which makes them susceptible to damage during installation. Both factors can raise the cost of repairs to get your system back up and running. Some damages may be significant enough to require a new heat pump installation.

Cost of Specialty Tools

Repairing an HVAC system properly requires specialty tools, such as gauges for testing the refrigerant. While you could purchase these tools, the cost is often cost-prohibitive if you aren’t using them regularly. Without the right tools, you risk causing additional damage while trying to repair your system.

Invalidated Warranty

Most manufacturers include a term in their factory warranty that requires a professional service technician to complete all repairs. Attempting the heat pump repairs yourself may invalidate the warranty, leaving you paying for factory defects.

Decreased Efficiency

Many DIY heat pump repairs rely on someone’s hack to get it completed without taking all of the proper steps. While these hacks may seem to get your system back up and running, they often result in decreased efficiency. This may drive up your operational costs, lead to more heat pump repairs and shorten your system’s service life.

Avoid the dangers of attempting a DIY heat pump repair. Call to schedule your heat pump repair with one of our expert service technicians at Air-Pro Comfort Systems.

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