Are you adding a new room addition to your home in Olathe, Kansas? Have you recently converted your garage to an office space or a recreational room? If you’re looking for a way to heat and cool that living space without spending a lot of money to extend ductwork, consider a ductless HVAC system installation. Read on to learn four benefits of installing a mini-split system in your home.

Take Advantage of a Flexible HVAC Solution

Window air conditioners and space heaters are highly inefficient, and the latter presents numerous possible dangers. Whether you need to create one climate control zone or five, a ductless HVAC system allows you to do it.

Conserve More Energy and Save More Money

Ductless HVAC systems offer two distinct advantages over central air conditioners and heaters that help you save money. First, they don’t require ductwork to deliver conditioned air to your living spaces. As a result, you avoid losing energy to leaky ducts.

Second, you can install multiple indoor air handlers around your home to create different zones within it. As a result, you won’t have to heat or cool empty rooms. Instead, you’ll maximize your energy dollars only heating and cooling the spaces you’re in most often, like bedrooms and the living room.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Maximizing your energy efficiency doesn’t only help you save money. It also reduces your impact on the environment. What’s more, ductless HVAC systems use R410A refrigerant. Unlike R22 refrigerant, which is currently being phased out, R410A is known for its zero ozone depletion potential.

Install and Use Your Unit Within the Same Day

Depending on the size of your home and how many indoor air handlers you install in it, you can potentially operate your ductless HVAC system in as soon as a few hours. That’s because mini-split systems operate on small pipes that only require a three-inch hole. A professional service technician can mount the unit on a wall or ceiling in no time.

Are you interested in learning more about going ductless? Let Air-Pro Comfort Systems help you make the transition. Contact us today at 913-521-8812 to learn more about these energy-efficient HVAC systems or to schedule a ductless installation in your home or business.

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