Heating and air conditioning accounts for about 40 percent of the average single-family home’s annual energy expenditure. With the spring and summer forcing you to turn on your AC system in Kansas City, MO, you may be wondering how to save money. Below are some of the most widespread myths for improving cooling efficiency and an explanation of how they can mislead you.

Close the Vents to Unoccupied Rooms

Chances are you own a single-stage air conditioner, which always blows out at 100-percent capacity. In that case, closing vents to avoid cooling unoccupied rooms will only increase airflow to the other rooms, putting pressure on the unit and gradually shortening its lifespan.

Your ductwork can also develop numerous small leaks through which the pressurized air will more easily escape. As a result, you’ll waste energy and pay higher cooling bills.

Use the Ceiling Fan Instead of the AC

Ceiling fans don’t cool the air. Therefore, they’re not a substitute for air conditioning. All they do is make you feel cooler by moving the conditioned air over your skin. You would be consuming energy unnecessarily if you left the fan on in an unoccupied room.

Crank Down the Thermostat for Faster Cooling

Thermostats do nothing but switch on the air conditioner; they don’t determine how fast the air is blowing. Cranking down the thermostat below your desired temperature will waste energy unless you remember to switch it off the moment you feel comfortable.

Install a Larger Air Conditioner

If you think you need a new AC system, know that it must be a particular tonnage for the sake of energy efficiency. Bigger is not better in this case as an oversized unit will cool your home too quickly and fail to remove humidity.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Solutions

Air-Pro Comfort Systems is here to keep residents across Kansas City, MO, comfortable. Rather than following tips that are hit-or-miss, turn to us for professional advice and services. We can keep your system running efficiently with AC maintenance, so contact us today.

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