Mini-split systems allow you to zone your home easily without needing ductwork. A ductless mini-split is more efficient than a standard HVAC system. But like all machines, it can malfunction, especially if you don’t maintain it regularly. When the ductless mini-split in your Olathe, KS, home breaks down, you’ll want to figure out why. Read on to learn more.

Power Supply Issues

If your ductless mini-split air conditioner won’t turn on, check the cord and plug for damage. Wear and tear on the cord or plug will create a safety issue, but a tripped circuit could be the problem too. Check the batteries in the remote, and if they’re not the issue, you might need a power supply replacement.

The power supply issue could be from a tripped circuit in your home’s electrical grid. Another option is to use the manual control panel to reset the mini-split system. If none of these options help your system, call an HVAC professional to inspect the power supply.

Refrigerant Leaks

A ductless mini-split that turns on and off but doesn’t cool could have a refrigerant leak. Our HVAC professionals can repair your HVAC system and inspect the refrigerant lines.

A ductless mini-split system cools your home with refrigerant circulating in the lines between the indoor and outdoor units. The refrigerant lines become damaged over time from pests or weather. Our HVAC professionals can repair the lines and refill the refrigerant safely.

Clogged Drain Line

You should keep your HVAC drain line clean and have professionals inspect it annually. Vinegar can break up the debris of a small clog in the line. A completely blocked line could be from debris or a damaged line.

Faulty Outside Unit

A ductless mini-split system has an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler. If there are issues with your mini-split system, check your outdoor unit for dirt and debris buildup. The dirt and debris can create poor airflow and ice can build up on the outside unit if it isn’t properly maintained.

A dirty air filter can allow dust and debris into the air and lower your indoor air quality. You should clean or change your air filter as recommended by the manufacturer to keep your mini-split system running efficiently. If you or a neighbor have questions about your ductless mini-split system in Olathe, KS, call Air-Pro Comfort Systems to schedule an appointment today.

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