If one or more rooms in your Paola, KS, home feel warmer than others, you may be dealing with uneven cooling. Besides making your home uncomfortable, this common problem can increase your utility bills. Here are common issues that could be why your home fails to maintain a consistent temperature in all rooms.

Ductwork Issues

Airflow return ducts are vital in ensuring your house cools evenly. If you lack enough return ducts in your home, you’ll likely experience uneven cooling. Ductwork leaks or blockages can also cause this problem.

Air Conditioning Issues

A simple issue like a dirty air filter can cause uneven cooling because it blocks airflow and prevents proper air circulation. Change your AC filter every month to prevent this problem. Also, hire an experienced AC repair service technician to inspect your system for other malfunctions before they worsen and cause significant problems.

Poor Insulation

If your home cannot retain conditioned air inside, you waste energy because the air conditioner has to run longer to cool your home. Air leaks through your windows and doors can significantly contribute to uneven cooling in your home. Hire an expert to inspect your home’s insulation, maximize insulation and re-seal leaks to address the problem of uneven cooling.

Wrong AC Size

Installing the wrong air conditioner size prevents your home from cooling evenly. Your system should be the right size to meet your load requirements and cooling needs to avoid uneven temperatures. If you are unsure of your AC system’s size, seek the help of a professional to calculate your load requirements and install the correct system.

These are some reasons you may experience uneven cooling in your home. Our team provides credible air conditioning services and can help if you have issues with uneven cooling. Call Air-Pro Comfort Systems for affordable and professional AC services in Paola and to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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