You might not think about your air conditioner often. But you likely appreciate its ability to keep you and your loved ones cool when it’s hot and humid outside in Shawnee, KS. Preparing your AC system for the cooling season is critical to preventing breakdowns and stress. Here are four reasons to schedule spring AC maintenance:

Maximize Cooling Efficiency

Your AC system features a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER measures how efficiently your air conditioner cools your living spaces. You must maintain your AC system yearly to ensure it operates at the advertised SEER rating. Maximizing cooling efficiency will keep spring and summer cooling bills as low as possible.

Minimize the Risk of AC Repairs

An inefficient air conditioner will work harder than necessary to cool your living spaces. It’ll endure more wear and tear, which leads to malfunctions and breakdowns. During an AC maintenance visit, your service technician will inspect your air conditioner and repair any problems they find on the spot, preventing costlier repairs later.

Prevent Premature AC Replacements

Ideally, your air conditioner should serve your household for at least 10 years. If you neglect to repair your AC system when needed and maintain it yearly, it’ll break down more often and require a replacement before that 10-year mark. Since AC replacements are expensive, it’s best to invest in air conditioning maintenance instead.

Enjoy Other Money-Saving Perks

Signing up for an AC maintenance plan is an easy way to remember to maintain your air conditioner every spring. Our air conditioning maintenance plans include discounts on AC repairs, priority service and other benefits. Our service technicians will recommend ways for you to operate your air conditioner even more efficiently to save more money.

Contact Air-Pro Comfort Systems today to schedule your spring AC maintenance visit in or around Shawnee, KS. We’ll help you protect your air conditioner from wear and tear so that you stay cool all summer without worry.

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