Do you want to enhance comfort and efficiency in your home? Consider upgrading to Trane’s ComfortLink automation system. Besides controlling your HVAC system, this smart thermostat also simplifies everyday tasks in your DeSoto, KS, home. The automation system provides increased energy efficiency, connects to security systems and offers other benefits.

What’s Trane ComfortLink?

The Trane ComfortLink smart thermostat works with Nexia Bridge built-in technology. Just as the title ‘smart’ ‘suggests, these thermostats allow you to control your indoor temperatures from your phone by adjusting the HVAC systems to ensure you’re comfortable.

Allows Zoning of Your Home

Firstly, you can take advantage of zoned heating and cooling. This allows you to heat and cool only occupied rooms. As a result, you can stop wasting energy and money to heat and cool empty rooms.

Home automation zoning means that you can have different temperature settings for different rooms, ensuring that all your family members are comfortable. This Nexia-enabled system has a climate access remote control feature that allows you to control and monitor the zoning system through your tablet or smartphone.

Provides Comfort and Convenience

Thanks to Nexia build-in technology, you can connect to your home’s HVAC unit through a single app. This means that the Trane ComfortLink thermostat works with several sensors to control your home’s temperature and humidity. It also adjusts the compressor and the fan speeds in real-time to ensure comfortable temperature settings.

Some Trane ComfortLink smart thermostats, such as ComfortLinkâ„¢ II XL950, have easy-to-use programmable features. It brings comfort straight to your fingertips because you can check for weather updates and control indoor temperatures and air quality from your seat.

Monitors Your Home Even in Your Absence

Thanks to Nexia, Trane ComfortLink connects to an app that allows you to take charge of your home’s security even when you’re away. This means that you can control the house lights even on vacation, which provides a sense of safety. You can also improve the home’s safety by controlling the security cameras and locking and unlocking the doors whenever you want.

If you want to transform your house into a smart home, contact Air-Pro Comfort Systems. We look forward to helping you maximize comfort and efficiency inside your home.

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