The effectiveness of your furnace depends on its ability to circulate air to heat your DeSoto, KS, home. One of the first scenarios that can create problems with a furnace is a dirty air filter. Here are four ways your dirty air filter will impact your furnace and comfort.

Short Cycling

When your furnace can’t circulate air effectively, it’ll cause your system to run short, frequent cycles. This leads to excessive wear on your unit as the start-up tends to cause the most strain.

Burning Smell

In addition to causing your system to short cycle, clogged air filters also create overheating problems. This may eventually lead an overheated part to emit that burning smell. While other problems may cause this, start by checking your filters and changing them if needed.

Lack of Air From Your Vents

Clogged air filters will prevent air from flowing into your furnace. Less air in translates into less air coming from your vents.

You have an airflow restriction if you can barely feel air movement while standing barefoot in front of your vents. Consider gently vacuuming your vents between filter changes to keep enough air flowing.

Heat Exchanger Damage

The goal of your furnace is to produce heat. However, an inability to transfer that heat can lead to damage. The heat exchanger is another probable target for the damage caused by clogged air filters.

The heat exchanger funnels the exhaust from the furnace’s burn chamber. If there’s not enough airflow to absorb that heat, the exchanger overheats. Eventually, this added heat degrades the metal, causing it to crack and leading to major furnace repairs or replacement.

Make sure you’re not allowing restricted airflow to damage your heating system. Change your air filter regularly and keep up on your routine maintenance. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with the experts at Air-Pro Comfort Systems today.

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