Your home’s HVAC system keeps your family comfortable, but it also costs money to operate. Keeping everyone cozy without wasting money might be a constant struggle. Keep reading to find out ideal temperatures that balance efficiency with comfort in your Olathe, KS, home.


If you want to maintain reasonable warmth and savings in the winter, set your home temperature to 68 degrees. See how that temperature works for your family. Going a few degrees lower when it gets dark outside can save you even more money.


Set your summertime air conditioning to 78 degrees. Avoid going over 80 degrees because the humidity levels will make your AC system work too hard. Likewise, anything under 72 degrees might freeze your system from too much strain.


Many pet owners mistakenly assume that their pets can tolerate any temperature, but domesticated pets have acclimated to indoor living. Pets with heavy fur coats should stay in rooms no more than 80 degrees when you’re not home. Many furry pets are fine as low as 60 degrees, but there are exceptions for older animals, short-haired breeds, hairless breeds, smaller animals or pets with health issues.


Until you learn everyone’s personal preferences, try to set sleeping temperatures in bedrooms anywhere from 60 to 67 degrees. Proper thermoregulation, coupled with eliminating noise and light, is crucial for the human body to reach and stay in the deepest sleep phases. These are adult temperatures, however, as younger kids might need to stay at 70 degrees for safety reasons.


Your home might have non-living spaces, including mudrooms, walk-in closets and storage areas. Keep them as cool as 59 to 65 degrees in the winter and as warm as 80 degrees during the summer. Going outside these ranges can risk condensation that harms documents, photos and clothing.

Finding the right temperature settings for your home comfort means balancing personal preferences with your system’s functioning capabilities. Contact Air-Pro Comfort Systems for home automation services that let you control temperatures in every room of your Olathe, KS, home.

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