Sometimes, heat pumps fail to supply warm air during winter, leaving homeowners in Olathe, KS, cold and miserable. Multiple reasons can make your system fail to carry out its duties efficiently. Read on to learn why your heat pump is cooling your house while in heating mode.

Failed Reversing Valve

A reversing valve is near the compressor. The component prompts the refrigerant to flow in a certain direction, depending on the season.

During summer, the refrigerant transfers heat from your indoor coil to the outdoor coil. When winter comes, the reversing valve makes the refrigerant change the direction of flow and start moving heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil.

If this vital component malfunctions during winter, it fails to change the direction of the refrigerant flow. Consequently, the fluid continues transferring heat from your house to the environment instead of the other way around. Schedule repair services from a professional service technician to restore a faulty reversing valve to efficient operation.

Clogged Air Filter

Air from your living space passes through an air filter before going into the heat pump for heating during winter. The filter’s role is to clean your indoor air by trapping pollutants from this air.

These contaminants accumulate in large numbers with time and block the filter. The heat pump can draw very little air through the clogged filter.

This means the system only manages to heat and recirculate very little air. Change your air filter every month or two to allow your heat pump to warm your home efficiently.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant may escape through punctures along the refrigerant lines. When this fluid escapes, your heat pump can’t move enough heat from the environment to your house. Ask one of our service technicians to repair your heat pump whenever you hear hissing and gurgling noises, as these are signs of refrigerant leaks.

Instead of trying to guess why your heat pump fails to warm your house, allow our service technicians to inspect it to diagnose the problem accurately. You can contact Air-Pro Comfort Systems for professional heating services to have your system inspected. Our clients know that we always deliver on our promises.

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