People know gas furnaces or their energy efficiency, minimal maintenance needs and long lifespan. You rely on your gas furnace in Olathe, Kansas, for relief from the cold winter days and nights. Here are some possible reasons your gas furnace isn’t heating your home:

No Pilot Flame

Gas furnaces have a pilot flame. If the pilot light is out, the furnace won’t cycle. Pilot lights may go out if there’s an obstruction around the laser eye. Dust or dirt can cover the eye. A damaged thermocouple may also cause the pilot light to go out. These issues need to be identified by an experienced service technician.

Thermostat Problem

The thermostat controls the cycling of your furnace. If the gas furnace won’t turn on, it could be due to the thermostat. Check if the thermostat is set to heat. If it is, verify the temperature setting. It’s possible that someone in your household turned the heat down. A recent power outage may have reset the thermostat to factory settings. A faulty wire or connection in the thermostat could also be to blame.

Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit

A blown fuse or tripped circuit could stop your furnace from heating. Check your fuse box or circuit breaker. Your furnace will have its own switch. If the circuit tripped, reset the breaker. If it trips again, you’ll need a professional service technician to diagnose the problem.

Dirty Filter

A clogged furnace filter could result in no warm air reaching your living spaces. Dirt, dust and debris clog build up, obstructing airflow. Replace the filter every 30 days.

When there’s no heat coming out of your home’s air vents, your health and safety could be at risk. Any problem with a gas furnace should be evaluated and repaired by an experienced service technician. Air-Pro Comfort Systems looks forward to protecting your comfort and safety any time of the day or night. Contact us today.

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