Warmer weather has arrived in Olathe, KS. It won’t be long before the heat and humidity of summer overtake the area. The last thing you’ll want to deal with on a sizzling-hot day is a broken air conditioning system. Read on to learn why scheduling AC maintenance in the spring is so important.

Lower Electricity Bills

A well-maintained air conditioning system uses less electricity. During a maintenance visit, our service technicians change the air filter. Operating your air conditioner with a clean air filter lowers electricity use by as much as 15%. We can also show you how to change the filter between AC maintenance visits.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Removing a clogged, dirty filter and replacing it with a new one will improve your home’s air quality. You’ll breathe easier, and your spring and summer allergy symptoms may subside. AC tune-ups also help with humidity control. Excessive indoor humidity can fuel microbial growth in your home.

Enhance Comfort

Springtime maintenance of your air conditioner ensures that it will be ready to transfer heat out of your home. Our service technicians clean the evaporator coil, which allows the refrigerant to absorb more heat. They also clean the outdoor unit, which releases the heat to the outdoors. Cleaning the condensate drain facilitates humidity removal.

Prevent AC Malfunctions

During an AC maintenance visit, our service technicians check parts for signs of wear and tear. This tune-up gives us a chance to replace any worn-out parts before they fail. At least 85% of AC breakdowns can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Scheduling AC maintenance in the springtime will save you money all summer long. You’ll also breathe easier and enjoy better indoor comfort. Keeping up with routine AC tune-ups lowers the risk of an air conditioner breakdown and could even extend the system’s lifespan. To learn more about why you should schedule air conditioner maintenance this spring, get in touch with us at Air-Pro Comfort Systems today.

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