It’s nearly that time of year when you’ll need your heat pump’s cooling function working at its peak capacity. It’s easy to think you can skip your maintenance and get the same results. Consider the benefits you’ll reap by staying current on your heat pump maintenance in DeSoto, KS.

Reduced Cooling Costs

Most people get excited about reducing their cooling costs. One of the key goals of maintenance is maintaining your system’s efficiency. This happens when a service technician cleans areas that commonly cause airflow restrictions and tunes up components for optimal performance.

Fewer Heat Pump Repairs

When efficiency falls, the heat pump experiences more operational strain and wear. More strain and wear translate into system components failing more quickly, requiring more frequent heat pump repairs. When one component experiences excessive strain, it strains many other components in the system.

Your service technician will perform a series of tests to ensure various components are operating within optimal parameters. If they find something that’s performing sub-optimally, you have the opportunity to schedule a repair before it causes even larger problems.

Longer Service Life

When you compile excessive strain over a long period of time, you can significantly cut into your system’s service life. The average heat pump lasts roughly 10 to 15 years when service technicians properly maintain it.

However, when the components wear out quickly and you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of repairs, the equation breaks down quickly. This equation adds all repairs over the last two years and multiplies them by the age of the system. The more repairs you have, the faster the equation will tip toward needing a replacement.

Maintain the Factory Warranty

Heat pump manufacturers have a keen understanding of the importance that maintenance plays in keeping the system working effectively. This is why they commonly include a term in their warranty that requires routine maintenance. Schedule your spring heat pump maintenance to ensure that your warranty is valid when you need it.

Get the most from your heat pump this summer. Schedule your spring heat pump maintenance appointment with the expert service technicians at Air-Pro Comfort Systems.

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